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Lincoln Riley on Baker Mayfield’s critics, Kyler Murray’s rookie-season success

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Kyler Murray: Telling the Oakland A’s I’m entering the NFL draft was tough

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Stephen A. Smith vs Kyler Murray QUESTIONABLE "What QB most resembles your game"

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Kyler Murray is a little Superstitious

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Kyler Murray Interview

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Sam Bradford gets a new look

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Sam Bradford - High School Highlights & Interview- Sports Stars of Tomorrow

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Sam Bradford: I Am Second

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Landry Jones: I Am Second

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ESPN First Take: Bob Stoops and Landry Jones

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Oklahoma QB Landry Jones vs Texas - 2012

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Kyler Murray 'speechless' after winning Heisman Trophy

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LeBron Shows Ultimate Respect To Kyler Murray Goes Out His Way During Timeout To Shake His Hand

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Kobe Bryant death | Trae Young shares emotional moment with family before game

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Trae Young opens up about his last conversation with Kobe Bryant

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Inside Kyler Murray's Development in First NFL Training Camp

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Inside the Selection of Kyler Murray & His Arrival in Arizona

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