OU vs. Texas - 1983


Oklahoma (3-1) had bounced back from the Ohio State loss a few weeks earlier with two unimpressive wins over unranked teams, and entered the Red River Rivalry ranked #8.

Meanwhile in Austin, football was once again on the ascent, and Fred Akers deserved all the credit. Ever since becoming head coach in 1977 and finishing undefeated before a disappointing Cotton Bowl loss to Notre Dame cost Texas a national title, he had worked to improve on an already highly successful program. There was a time when he was chafed in the terribly long shadow of his legendary predecessor, Darrell Royal, but that was no longer as big a problem, and the turning point came January 1, 1982 when Akers' sixth-ranked Longhorns upset #3 Alabama, 14-12, in the Cotton Bowl, jumping to #2 in the final rankings. (More At SOONERSTATS.COM)

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