The Kick

September 24, 1977... After two quick first-down conversions, Oklahoma paused at Ohio State’s 26-yard line, unable to pass the Buckeyes’ defense. After making a few attempts to move farther down the field, the Sooners found themselves fourth-and-one at Ohio State’s 23-yard line.

Oklahoma kicker Uwe von Schamann stepped onto the field with six seconds remaining, ready to kick a game-winning field goal. However, in attempts to “ice” the kicker, Ohio State called a timeout.

As von Schamann retook the field, the crowd made up of about 90,000 Buckeyes’ fans began chanting “Block that kick,” and von Schamann motioned his hands to the crowd, as if leading the chant.

"I don't know why I did that. It was spontaneous. I was playing along with the crowd, having fun," von Schamann said. "But I stayed focused. As far as icing me, that didn't work. The timeout didn't make me have any doubt about making that kick. It just delayed it a little bit. When I led the chant, it was something I did to waste a little time and have a little fun with the crowd. I was confident I'd make that kick."

And, as it was said before, he sent the ball through the uprights. Oklahoma led 29-28. (Source: NCAA)

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