Oklahoma at TCU Horned Frogs - 1998

Who says there wasn't some Sooner Magic in the 90s? (Not that the team that played in this game warranted it). LaDainian Tomlinson makes a cameo appearance on the game's opening kickoff in Fort Worth. Oklahoma would rotate at quarterback Patrick Fletcher and Jarod Reese. Down 9-0 with 2:30 to go, Fletcher would connect with Chris Blocker for a 20 yard touchdown pass. Josh Norman would scoop up the following onside kick and Jeff Ferguson would kick the game winning field goal with 5 seconds remaining. Jason Freeman pulls Patrick Fletcher out of the fire. Roy Williams makes the game's final tackle. Many of the 2000 National Champion team players would play key roles in this game: Roy Williams, Jeff Ferguson, Rocky Calmus, Frank Romero, Ontei Jones, Ryan Fisher, Seth Littrell & Brandon Moore. Other stars on this team: Gana Joseph, Kelly Gregg, Terry White & DeMond Parker.

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