Trae Young - Sharpshooter - Relentless Range

Trae Young. He finished as the runner up in Rookie of the Year voting but his future is much brighter than a second place finish would entail. The biggest knocks on him pre-draft were that he was undersized, lacked length, wouldn’t be able be an effective finisher at the NBA level, and that his shot selection left a lot to be desired. Here we are, removed from a full season in the league and those things, as they often do for players with great work ethic, are no longer glaring weaknesses. The Hawks trust Trae to pull from distance and his decision making is so sound that when he does put the defense in a position where he can attack the rack, he’ll put up a reasonably good shot at the rim.

Ice Trae modeled his game after Steve Nash and Stephen Curry and while this video about his scoring, his passing is probably the strongest part of his game. The range and ability to get his shot off against much better, much quicker, much more athletic players is nothing short of spectacular and the sky is the limit for him.

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